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  • What is the relationship between actual, annualised and year to date (YTD) figures?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics


    Suppose that a Production site contains "data as of" April 30, 2010. External Hires figures for the months of 2010 so far are as follows:

  • January - 11
  • February - 13
  • March - 17
  • April - 9

    Assume that the following results are shown in Calendar Year. (Fiscal Year works the same way if you substitute July-October for January-April.)

    External Hires/Recruits for 2010, Actual: 50. When a year is not yet complete, the total for the year to date (YTD) is used.

    External Hires/Recruits for 2010, Annualised: 150. In principle, the annualised figure is what would be reached at the end of the year if the remaining months had the same average total as the months so far.

   Explicitly put: Annualised total =

  • [YTD total] * 12 / [months so far] or
  • [YTD total] / [months so far] * 12.

   It is fairly easy to annualise a YTD figure mentally, depending on which month is current.

  • In the above case: four months is 1/3 of a year, so the total is multiplied by 3.
  • If there were data up to May: five months is 5/12 of a year, so the total would be multiplied by 12/5 or 2.4.
  • If there were data up to October: ten months is 10/12 or 5/6 of a year, so the total would be multiplied by 6/5 or 1.2.

   Annualisation only applies correctly to measures which accumulate over time, like Hires, Terminations or Absence Days.

  • Averaged measures such as Average Headcount should not be annualised, because the average for a year is not necessarily larger than the average headcount for a single month.
  • Start-of-period/end-of-period measures should not be annualised, because the total at the start/end of a year is the same as the total at the start/end of the first/last month.
  • Calculated measures may divide a cumulative measure by an averaged or "of-period" measure. For instance, Termination Rate = Terminations / Average Headcount. Such measures generally can be, and are, usefully annualised. 


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