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2084885 - Statements - Bulk Printing of Compensation Statements (for Managers)


  • Instructions on printing compensation statements in bulk for managers. For full details on statements see our main solution.

  • Is there a way for a manager (not Admin) to bulk print Comp Statements for all direct reports? 

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  • Compensation


  • Yes, there is a batch print option for the manager within their completed compensation form. To enable batch print make sure the following tag is set to "true" in your XML:
    includeSalaryStatementLink="true" and includeBonusStatementLink="true" for variable pay forms.

  • As of b1902 release, bulk print for Combined Statements are now supported as long as includeSalaryStatementLink is set to True.

  • This must be set to "true" BEFORE compensation forms are created. Forms will need to be re-launched if you introduce includeSalaryStatementLink="true" to the template

  • Once a compensation form has gone to completion and statements have been created, the manager will go to his/her completed folder and open the completed compensation form. In the upper right hand corner there will be an icon for batch printing.

    Note: This is for hard copy printing not PDF generation.

Configuration Steps: Statement must be assigned and generated for print action to be enabled.  Can be configured in admin 2.0 under Complete Compensation cycle>Reward Statements.

  • Actions for all Plans

  • Set default statement visibility to not viewable for all statement template types 
  • Load compensation, variable pay, and combined statement templates 

Within the Plan 

  • If combined statements are desired, select a secondary plan from within the primary plan. 
  • From the template landing page, select statement templates for each employee group; identify one template as the default for each plan and for the combined statements. 
  • Assign a group of employees to each template  • Order the templates from most restrictive to least restrictive

Generate & print

  • Generate statements Set viewing permissions by template based on communication timetable Bulk print by template (or all templates) from the template landing page.



  1. The bulk print option should be enabled in the compensation template prior to the launch of forms: at least one of the options includeSalaryStatementLink (salary tab), or includeBonusStatementLink (bonus tab) or includeStockStatementLink (stock tab) must be set to "true" in the XML configuration.
  2. Compensation form must be completed.
  3. Compensation personal statements have been already generated.
  4. The logged in user has permission to view the Compensation Statement per the permission setting in the Statement Permissions Admin Tool. (See “Setting Compensation Statement Permissions”) 
  • If you the above requirements are not met, when you click the button you will get "No Statement Available" message.
  • If your Compensation plan template is configured to support bulk printing:
  1. Click the "Bulk Print" button that will show up in tool bar on top of the form
  2. Users in the opened comp form will be concatenated into one HTML and show in a pop up window. 
  3. If you are using Role Based Permissions and the pop up window shows the message NO STATEMENTS AVAILABLE you will need to add the Personal Compensation Statement View permission from Employee Data to the Manager’s role.

      1.png dd.png

  • User can bulk print the statements with page breaks between statements.
  • The Compensation Statement is generally thought of as representing a paper document. As such, it commonly is sized and designed to fit on a single page, generally with printing in mind.
  • The compensation statement print output for bulk printing feature goes to the Reports tab -> Analytics -> Scheduled Reports.

Is it possible to print two compensation statements for one compensation template?

  • No, it is not possible to generate two compensation statements against ONE compensation form.   What will happen is that the latest printed  will overwrite the previous compensation statement.

Is there any other way to identify the Bulk Printing of Statements other than User ID when you navigate to Scheduled Reports for the bulk printing output? By Name or Department for example?

  • Currently the only way to identfiy the statements is by User ID and you cannot configure this to include anything else like Name or Department.


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