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  • This article reviews the Compensation Rollup report and how to enable it.
  • The Compensation Roll-up Report provides the aggregate total of all direct and indirect reports of the user in view. There is drill-down capabilities to view the aggregate totals of other users and the ability to review details of specific compensation forms.


  • Compensation


Compensation Rollup

  • Compensation Rollup is an alternative to Executive Review (that typically renders faster). This report provides a view of summary compensation data and budget information, and allows an Administrator to see exactly what the compensation planner sees using drill-down capability into individual compensation forms.


Enabling Rollup Report Permissions

  • Rollup Reports are now enabled by default whenever a new compensation plan form template is uploaded into the system.
    In order to turn on this report, go to Admin Tools -> Form Template Administration -> Form Templates, and select the appropriate Compensation Form Template. Scroll down to the bottom and check "Enable Roll-up Reports."
  • This change is dynamic and if the checkbox is enabled, you will see the Roll-Up report right away.
    Note: If you are still not seeing the button, this may be a configuration issue - See this solution.
  • To access the RollUp Report, go to your compensation forms. Next to each compensation form name, in the Action column, you will see a green chart icon. Mouse over the icon and it will say "Detailed Report". Click on the icon to access the report.
    This report requires that the hierarchy has not changed. Each time it is run it actively checks the hierarchy against the data. Changes in the hierarchy can break the roll-up. 
    Planner Mode is not fully supported with rollup reports. The rollup report utilizes an organizations regular hierarchal relationships, but when you use the planner mode, you are in effect creating ad hoc relationships that do not follow the regularly defined hierarchy that the roll up report is not able to maintain as data changes.

  • Note: Compensation rollup will go asynchronous if there’s at least 100 or more people in the hierarchy whether it’s direct or indirectly.  


  • If your compensation template is configured to use rollup mode then you may see unexpected results when using the rollup report and manager changes occur or when you update data via imports as this is not a supported mode. Correct operation of rollup reports is only supported when using standard manager hierarchy or second manager hierarchy.
  • If you are using planner hierarchy your template will be configured with:
    <comp-plan-creation rollup-users="1"/>
          <comp-manager-hierarchy type="1"/>



  • July 2011: You now have the option to display functional and local currency in custom fields. Previously you could only display local currency. (CMP-3745)


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