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2084777 - Profile Compensation History Tab - Compensation


  • Information about the Compensation History Tab of the Compensation Profile.
    (For Information on setting up the Compensation Profile please view Profile solution.)
  • How do i configure the History Portlet?

  • Can we edit the layout of the Compensation Profile?

  • Why can't I see data in the chart view of the history tab? (I can see it in the list view).


  • Compensation


  • To Edit your Compensation Profile History layout go to Admin Tools > Compensation > Actions For All Plans > Compensation Profile page and select the plan to edit.
  • Define Compensation Period History View to select the periods to display on the Compensation Profile history chart.
  • Use this page to set up compensation history periods.

        1.png h.png


  • Select “Select pay types” dropdown and choose the desired fields to show in Compensation Profile.

         2.png c.png



  1. Salary Positioning: In order to see salary positioning, either current Payguide or final Payguide or both must be selected in column designer or in this plan.
  2. History: To see history section, you need do following things first:
    1.  First predefine some periods: go to Compensation Home -> Actions for all plans -> Compensation Profile -> Add/Edit Compensation History -> define some periods (include your current plan).
    2. In admin tools, select and open your current plan from left plan list -> Plan setup -> Design Worksheet -> Define Compensation Period Data -> pickup some periods in this page which you defined at above step.


Can we rearrange the layout of the Profile or History screens?

  • Not at this time currently.

Multi-Currencies Not Displaying:

  • If you are comparing two periods which contains different plans and have different currencies, for example, plan 1 in period 1 is using USD, and plan 2 in period 2 is using CNY, then the chart view will not be displayed, as by design it is not meaningful to compare two different sets of currency data. You can still view the data from the list view.


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