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  • Managing compensation via performance forms and workflows. It is possible to embed a comp template into a PM form section in much the same way you can embed a goal plan section into a PM  form. this enables you to manage compensation cycles via individual performance forms instead of planner worksheets as most compensation cycles are handled.
  • How to create PM with embedded comp forms using compensation-sect.
  • Dependencies when deleting forms



This feature is not available or supported by Variable Pay



  1. A compensation template still needs to be created. 
  2. A PM template needs to be created.
  3. The Compensation template will reference the PM template ID for its Rating source >
    1. example  <comp-rating-source useFor="all" form-id="xx" is-default="false" completed-only="false" use-calculated-rating="false" import-from-assignment="false" scaleId="2014 Rating Scale"> where xx = the PM template ID.
    2. Please note that if you have PM forms with embedded comp section and if multiple PM forms are tied to the same compensation form template, make sure -

      1. The ids are accurate in all templates (especially when copying a template from test to production).
      2. checkRatingSourceAcrossTemplates is set to true.
        Not doing so can result in incorrect form linkages. Errors resulting in incorrect form linkages cannot be corrected once the forms have been launched under any circumstance.
      3. checkRatingSourceAcrossTemplates 

        true = get the latest comp plan rating source form instance across all of the rating source templates defined.
        false = use the latest comp plan rating source form instance from the first rating source template found. If there is no form based on the first template in the list, it will then check for the next one in the list.
  4. The PM form will link to the comp template via the xml > example > go to PM template > go to compensation section "compensation-sect"  and update the tag >   <compensation-template-id><![CDATA[xx]]></compensation-template-id> where xx = the Compensation template ID


Launching & Routing

  • Once both templates are configured and linked you then just launch the PM forms just as you normally would for a PM form.
  • A compensation form will automatically be created for each PM form, but will remain hidden to users in the system. This hidden form is where the persons compensation data is stored.
  • You can find the compensation forms via reports if you have permission to report on those.
  • Once you route your PM form to completion the hidden compensation form that was automatically created  will also automatically move to completion.
  • You cannot move a completed PM form back into progress to make further compensation updates once it has been completed as the compensation worksheet that is linked will remain in the completed status even if the PM form is routed backwards.


Managing & Deleting PM Forms with Embedded Compensation

Since a PM form with comp is not actually 1 form, but 2 forms, then administrators need to be aware that special considerations will apply when forms need to be deleted.

First, disable the "Delete" Icon for employees and managers if you have that enabled for this PM template. Unlike other regular PM forms that a manager or employee can typically delete themselves, an integrated comp-pm form cannot be deleted by end users just using the regualr delete button.

Administrators or comp planners will need to manage the need to delete single forms AND the connected compensation plans for the same user.

Failing to have the administrator delete the PM form and the compensation form connected to it will result in system error if a user subsequently tries to now open the compensation plan from the Home Page tile or Compensation Inbox, as the PM form it relies upon no longer exists. 

Both the PM and Comp template can be deleted by a permissioned admin via admin tools. From Delete Forms use the search criteria to identify both the PM form and Comp form for the user. Manually delete both documents.


Year-Over-Year Launches

Each year or cycle you should consider the following:

  1. Since your PM form and Compensation templates are hardwired together you need to plan enough time to create new templates each year. While you could just reuse the same templates each cycle, it is always recommended that you create new templates each year for reporting and functionality reasons.
  2. Clone your PM form and make any year over year updates as you would for each year's cycle. Please refer to other extensive guides that explain the various things the admin should review before launching each new cycle.
  3. Clone your compensation template and update the PM rating source to map to your new PM template.
     <comp-rating-source useFor="all" form-id="??"
  4. Update your PM form > <compensation-template-id><![CDATA[xx]]>  where xx = the new compensation template ID.
  5. Launch new PM forms.
  6. You also need support to create to create new Quartz Comp Aggregate Exports to report on the new comp template created for the new embedded PM form.
  7. Make sure the template ID's you are using in Test are updated if moved into Production as the ID's will likely be different between your 2 instances.


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