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  • This is one part to a multi-part online compensation guide: Back to Main Menu to access the other articles.


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  • Welcome to Part 1 of our main administrative guide. In Part 1 we provide a general timeline, high level overview of the process in general, including how to prepare for the cycle, work with support or partners, and Best Practices in general. Other parts will go into the technical specifics of creating templates in more detail.
  • (Note: if you have a Variable Pay Program as opposed to standard compensation, please use our Guide to Starting a New Variable Pay Program instead.)



The following outline has been developed to assist Platinum Clients work with their Platinum Account Manager in preparing for a new cycle, but all clients can benefit from this checklist as it contains many principles that all clients should follow in any new cycle -

 90 Days

  • Hold cycle planning call (or use regular weekly meeting) to discuss preparing for upcoming cycle
  • Review Release Schedule for potential conflicts with HCM Calendar
  • Customer to begin documenting needed configuration changes (if any) for Comp/PM/GM/ form template (s) 
  • Customer engages with a partner or solutions consultant for PM/GM/Comp template changes

60 Days

  • Submit your program changes that cannot be done via self-service to an approved partner. 
  • Ensure it is specified whether form template is going to be loaded into test first, then production or directly into production.  If template is being tested first in the test environment, customer will need to build time into the process for testing in BOTH test and production, and template will need to be migrated into production by as well
  • Customer to ensure that test users set up to test worksheets in both test and production

30 Days

  • If updated templates are completed, customer begins thoroughly testing updated form template (testing checklist below) can be acquired by contacting CSM)
  • Customer should test reporting outputs as well (included in testing checklist)
  • Customer should test routing map (updating dates if applicable) and permissions plus form behavior
  • Customer should have partner migrate template to production if it was initially only loaded into test
  • Customer to consider any changes in scheduled job (Quartz) settings as well for document transfers
  • Customer should also take a look at form template settings under admin tools and update these accordingly
  • CSM will check in with customer on testing progress; note that if any additional configuration changes were discovered, these need to be submitted ASAP at this point to ensure adequate turnaround time

2 Weeks

  • Customer should have a process outlined  for launching worksheets and all data filters should be set up correctly for a mass-launch
  • All testing activities should be complete.  Any issues found should be discussed with CSM

1 Week

  • CSM to check in with customer on testing progress (testing should be close to complete at this point)
  • Review launch plan
  • CSM to inform customer of any scheduled maintenance activities that may be occurring during launch as you become aware of them
  • Launch
  • Use weekly meeting (or schedule a meeting) to review launch plan
  • CSM to answer any questions customer may have regarding launch
  • Discuss after hours support process if needed



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