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2082956 - Explaining Different Group Types - SAP Jam


When creating an SAP Jam group, administrators often ask about the differences in the types of Jam groups that can be set up. Below, we will review the three possible group types within SAP Jam: 

  1. Public Internal Group
  2. Private Internal Group
  3. Private External Group


SAP Jam.


Public Internal Group

  • A group that anyone in your company can join, view, and edit. This group can only invite participants with
    your company's email address (For example, Additionally, this type of group is visible to anyone within your company without invitation.

    Use case: A callaborative, open group centered around ideas to innovate their internal onboarding process. 


Private Internal Group

  • A group where members must be explicitly invited in order to view or post group items. This group can only be edited by SAP Jam administrators and group administrators and the group name can only be seen by invited members.
  • Group Administrators can select 2 options for the invite policy and visibility policy: 

Invite Policy:

  1. All Group Members (can invite)
  2. Only Group Admins (can invite)

Visibility Policy:

  • Allow others to discover this group. The group becomes searchable to non-members, and they will be able to see the group name and description. They must submit a request to join the group and be accepted before they can access the group content. Enableing this option will automatically enable: 
  • Allow others to request to join this group. 

PLEASE NOTE: Private group discoverability is not currently supported for sub groups.

  • This group can only invite participants with your company's email address (For example,

    Use case: this may be helpful when creating a group around semi-sensitive information.

 Private External Group

  • A group that lets you communicate with internal employees and members of different companies in a private, invitation only space. This group can only be edited by SAP Jam administrators and group administrators.
    Use case: Your company may want to set up SAP Jam groups to communicate with outside vendors or freelances who do not have the same email address or permissions as your standard employees. 

PLEASE NOTE: External groups are only available to customers on the Advanced Plus or Enterprise edition of SAP Jam.

For more information on SAP Jam Groups please see section 'About Groups' in the 'SAP Jam User Guide', availble in pdf and online/html versions, on the SAP Jam Collaboration document section of the SAP Help Portal.


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