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2081409 - Candidate to Employee Conversion - Recruiting Management


  • A scheduled job is set up to run which uses unique identifiers to look for hired external candidates which match a new employee profile (that has an internal candidate profile). The system then performs an action to delete the new empty internal candidate profile and converts the external candidate profile to Internal.

  • In addition to merging new hires, customers will also have the ability to deconvert internal candidates into external candidates.

  • Candidate Merge functionality has been enhanced so that internal and external candidate profiles can be merged manually.

  • Customers using RCM & EC can use the functionality above using the unique identifier which is provided in the RCM to EC integration.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management (RCM)


To Be Considered

  • Clients sensitive about data privacy may wish to be cautious about adoption. You should consider how this may conflict with DPCS that may be set up, particularly around the deconversion feature. The deconversion means that you will keep data even after the user has left the organization, which may conflict with some data privacy guidelines.
  • The conversion happens for NEW users only so that the feature does not overwrite any existing data. Also note that the system will convert the profile, but the user will not be searchable until they accept the DPCS.
  • There must be a unique identifier on the external candidate profile AND the employee profile (like external email) which would be populated with a *unique* value - the system uses this identifer to perform the merge.
  • If a user does not have permission to the Careers Tab, the merge will not occur because no internal candidate profile will be present.
  • Internal Note: The merge job should be setup to run AFTER the user import job. If the customer is using DRM 2.0, the merge job must be scheduled to run BEFORE the anonymization job. With all 3 in place the job schedule would look like this:
    User Import > Purge Job > DRM Job.
  • The candidate has to be placed in the status marked as Hired before the internal user is created, otherwise, the candidate will not be picked by the conversion job.



  • If a unique identifier (as described above) does not exist, a configuration change must occur on the Candidate Profile and/or the Employee Profile. Please submit a CCOR for these changes, if required.
  • Once the unique identifier is in place, you must tell the system which fields were chosen. This is done in Admin Tools > Manage Recruiting Settings > External To Internal Candidate Profile Conversion Settings.
  • The final step requires CS to set up a provisioning job. Please ensure this request is submitted after the above steps are completed.


Updates to Candidate Merge

  • Candidate Merge is a part of this feature. It allows internal and external candidates to be merged together. Refer to the KBA 2103863 - Manage Duplicate Candidates - Recruiting Management.

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