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2080813 - HRIS Sync: Import & API upsert considerations - Employee Central


  • This article covers information on how to manage Imports and API upserts when HRIS Sync is involved
  • We import/upsert EC data, and when we do, this triggers the HRIS Sync job to run against the data in the import/upsert, but if we run the import/upsert back to back, sometimes the HRIS Sync job has not finished running from the first import/upsert, which causes the HRIS Sync job to fail for the other imports/upserts (as only 1 HRIS Sync job can run at a time). What do we do to avoid this?
  • We carry out a "Delete" operation to remove an EC record, but the removal of the record, does not trigger a sync of the new active record (Import & API).


  • Employee Central


  • The resolution to this issue is to ensure that you leave good time in between each import/upsert that completes, to allow for the HRIS Sync job that gets triggered after the action to finish. If you import/upsert data back to back, sometimes the subsequent import/upsert does not trigger a HRIS Sync because the first import/upsert that triggered the HRIS Sync job has not yet finished.
  • Because of this, data can become out of sync between Employee Central and Employee Profile.
  • To avoid this, try to leave a good amount of time between each import/upsert completion. Recommend 20 minute gaps per 1000 rows in between each import/upsert to allow the HRIS Sync job to complete for each import/upsert made. This will ensure that all data is in sync with Employee Profile when imported/upserted into Employee Central.
  • The "Delete" Operation does not trigger a HRIS sync. This is a functional gap and is being filled by engineering via an enhancement request. Please carry out a basic user import of the values that should be synced to the Employee File, or make a small insignificant change to the EC job info of the employee to trigger an On the Fly Sync. If large number of employees are involved, you may consider contacting support to request a full HRIS sync. Please rereview KBA on regular basis for updates on Enhancement progress.


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