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2080810 - Targeted CR List for ASE 15.7 ESD#4.2 - SAP ASE


The purpose of this KBA is to help SAP customers obtain a general idea of potential fixed situations in future Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) EBF/SP or PL releases. Please be sure to read the Disclaimer below.

If the EBF/SP has been released, check the CR list and coverletter at the

Disclaimer: This document lists the targeted (not committed) release dates and the targeted fixed CR list for each release. Please be aware that the purpose of this posting is solely to provide you, our customers with estimated release dates and targeted CR lists. SAP does not commit to releasing on the specified dates or to including the CR fixes in the said release. While every effort will be made to meet the said targets, changes can occur at any time. It is also possible (although unlikely) that SAP may decide not to release an EBF/SP that was previously scheduled for release.

CR NumberDescription
578515 sp_sysmon appl_and_login does not show the detail of activity by application name and login name.
639813 Execution of stored procedure 'sp_renamedb' from read-only database results in error "3906 : Attempt to BEGIN TRANSACTION in database failed because database is READ ONLY."
721824 When the following is true: - the statement cache is on and - a dynamic prepared SQL statement containing a abstract plan clause is executed and - the same statement is prepared and executed by another ASE session, then the entry in the statement cache that was created by the first execution is not found when the dynamic prepare command is executed in the second session. As a result, a new LWP is created by the second session.
721887 With partitioned tables, some query plans may choose the Merge Union All operator, rather than Dynamic Partition Elimination.
722823 Different behavior for ISNULL on a MAX() or MIN() aggregate of a character column may be observed when statement cache is used with esql.
722898 During connection termination an error 4720 may be raised for a #table (temporary table). Error:4270 = > "Cannot truncate table '%.*s' because there are one or more isolation level 0 scans, or REORG command, active on the table." The #table here is found to have a dlevel0cnt = 12.
723437 A new database option "deallocate first text page", and a new configuration value 2 of table attribute "dealloc_first_txtpg", are provided for tables having text/image/unitext off-row storage columns, to control whether to deallocate the first text page after updating off-row LOB value from non-NULL to NULL, or whether to allocate a first text page when updating LOB value from NULL to NULL.
724593 In some rare cases, a union query could return wrong result resulting in truncation.
724990 In 15.x, under the default isolation level (Level 1), deletes/updates involving joins and/or correlated subquery could cause more number of exclusive locks to be acquired even when the qualifying number of rows are much less.
725661 The performance of the rollback of a skewed transaction, that is, a transaction that had bursts of activity separated by periods of inactivity, was unnecessarily slow.
725667 Miscellaneous enhancements to the performance of boot time, LOAD DATABASE and LOAD TRAN recovery including better performance in undoing long-running (incomplete) transactions i.e. those that have bursts of activity separated by periods of inactivity.
725708 The KILL WITH STATUSONLY command has been enhanced and now provides information on the amount of log space scanned and to be scanned for a full transaction rollback. It differentiates different types of rollbacks, and reports a subset of information in cases where the rollback is not a full transaction rollback.
726234 Timeslice in rvm_dispatch() function with show switch or any server-wide statement in stored procedures.
726379 A 11051 error, "ALTER TABLE ' < table_name > ' failed. Table is currently being used by one or more other tasks." may be reported when a REORG REBUILD command is run while another process concurrently runs a SELECT query on the same table at isolation level read uncommitted. Following this error and while the SELECT query continues to execute, any process that attempts to reference this table will fail mistakenly with an error such as 17461 "Object does not exist in this database.".
727073 ddlgen does not generate ddls of a logical key on views when using -TLK or -TV
727186 JS Agent disappears without any trace in the JS Agent log, ASE may report errors like "JS: failed to receive jsagent response" and "Job Scheduler Task lost its Agent connection". If core dumps are enabled on the platform, a core file is generated from JS Agent that contains the function sybcsi_mem_free() on the stack.
727484 The stored procedure sp_dbextend gives following error when invoked in chained mode: Msg 17260, Level 16, State 1: Procedure 'sp_dbextend', Line 44: Can't run sp_dbextend from within a transaction.
727597 Under very specific circumstances it is possible when executing a procedure that the incorrect statement may be executed (one statement ahead of the correct one). The correct statement will be missed entirely, and the subseqent statement executed twice. This can only happen when deferred compilation was due to compile and execute the correct statement. Precisely what statement types\operators and\or semantics lead to this is under investigation, but it arises during procedure tree remapping. (i.e. won't happen with an existing re-use of a cached query tree with a cached plan that undergoes no renormalization nor recompilation). Showplan output will show the plan for the incorrect statement under the line number of the statement which should have been executed. The next statement (which will be the same as the previous one) could then lead to an number of errors or problem result sets. QUERY PLAN FOR STATEMENT 42 (at line 471) (this will be actually next statement not line 471)
728364 Error 806 "Could not find virtual page for logical page %u in database ' < dbname > '." may be encountered when executing a stored procedure whose query plan is cached.
728430 Running update statistics on an index containing non-materializing column could throw an error with a stack trace containing the functions "stat_bld_row" and "collocate" in it.
728444 A 2601 error, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysattributes' with unique index 'csysattributes'", followed by an 11068 error, "Transaction was found in the incorrect state of 'Command-attached'. The expected state was 'Done command-attached'.", may be reported in the error log during ASE startup in a Windows environment, if the configuration file has a 'Dump Configuration' section where the 'stripe directory' option is set to a value where backslash characters are specified.
728528 Upgrade from 12.5.4 to asecarina may fail at step 1564 with message 3606 "Arithmetic overflow occurred."
728634 If a user that has been granted sa_role indirectly through a user defined role executes sp_addthreshold in a database where the user is not the actual owner the user will get an 17879 error, "Only users that have System Administrator (SA) authorization granted directly may add, or modify thresholds in that database.".
728759 When the number of statements in the Adaptive Server statement cache is large (approximately 13,000 or more) a query on monCachedStatement may terminate with error 3621, Command has been aborted.
728845 When attempting to migrate objects that may have storable comments such as procedures, views, udfs, pre-computed result set etc, if there are braces (curly brackets) within a comment section they will fail to migrate and report:- JZ0S8 java.sql.SQLException: JZ0S8: An escape sequence in a SQL Query was malformed The same error will be observed if a curly brace appears anywhere in the proc ddl (search argument for example).
729373 During the execution of DUMP DATABASE if the "compress::" option is used and only one stripe is specified, ASE 15.7 ESD#3, 15.7 ESD#3.1 and 15.7 ESD#4 will ignore the compression option prefix, resulting in an uncompressed dump. Additionally loading a valid pre-15.7 ESD#3 compressed single stripe dump will fail.
729603 In rare cases, after the last chance threshold is crossed and the user executes DUMP TRANSACTION to free up log space, the last chance bit DBTH_LASTCHANCE will remain set in memory in DBTABLE, which will continue to cause processes to be suspended by the last chance threshold mistakenly.
729766 A new configuration value of '2' is added to configuration option 'enable xml' for external entity reference in XML documents, ie, set "sp_configure 'enable xml', 2" for external entity reference in XML documents.
729919 In very rare situations where incorrect port number is specified for sp_listener, subsequent calls to sp_listener might fail.
729984 getpass.exe which is utilized in Web Services on Windows only, is currently not compatible with x64 platforms.
730276 The Backup Server error message indicates that there is RPC parameter count mismatch between ASE 15.5 and Backup Server 15.0.3. The message needs enhancement to prompt user to verify Backup Server version compatibility with ASE.
730354 sp_sysmon can return incorrect CPU metrics.
730807 While using the partition_name builtin on multiple objects, the active objects could be recycled resulting in an information message to printed in the ASE errorlog: "Increase the config parameter 'number of open partitions' to avoid descriptor reuse. Reuse may result in performance degradation."
731026 Certain stored procedures created with "execute as caller" may produce errors at execution time.
731079 The number of unreserved pages may be incorrect after LOAD DATABASE has been executed and the database dump is from an older ASE version and it contains a large number of tables each having multiple partitions.
731179 The recovery redo pass unnecessarily attempts to fix problems with deallocations and reservations for some committed transactions in cases where there was a long-running transaction at the time of the last checkpoint.
731305 PC Client installer first screen says ESD#2, but should say ESD#4
731354 A signal 11 occurs in the function collectMonCSInfo when a query is executed on the monCachedStatement MDA table and the statement cache contains a statement that was created with a user-defined optimization goal.
731437 DUMP DATABASE with verify[=header | full] options and LOAD DATABASE with verify[only][=header | full] options commands have been enhanced to detect a mismatch between the page header and tail timestamps for Data Only Locked tables.
731617 When DUMP DATABASE or DUMP TRANSACTION is run to a tape device, if the tape device configuration file ‘backup_tape.cfg’ exists, ASE will not be able to read it and the dump will fail. The Backup Server will report an error: "The format of the device configuration file < $SYBASE > /backup_tape.cfg is invalid. Remove the configuration file and reconfigure the device by issuing a DUMP with the INIT qualifier. Return code = 0".
731758 When the command "update statistics [objname] using calibrate = nnn" is invoked, and objname contains unusual characters, the command may fail with an internal error.
731818 The backup server is enhanced to perform consistency checks on All Pages Locked (APL) and Data Only Locked (DOL) data pages during DUMP DATABASE execution. If an error is detected on a page, the page is reread for validation. These checks will be performed if DUMP DATABASE is executed using WITH VERIFY option. Alternatively, start up the backup server with boot time trace flag -D64, or use the run time trace flag SYB_BACKUP...qatraceon 8, to enable these checks by default.
731874 Msg 15432, Level 16, State 2 (A validation check failed when Adaptive Server decrypted an encryption key. This error may indicate an incorrect password.) error is raised when a user with login association of a key executes a stored procedure that accesses a column that is encrypted with the key.
732064 A CREATE INDEX or REORG REBUILD command may encounter a signal 11 stack trace in the function ptn_get_aphintpage().
732329 Under some rare conditions, if auto_temptable_stats is turned on, it could return Msg 4720 (Cannot truncate table '%.*s' because there are one or more isolation level 0 scans, or REORG command, active on the table.)
732406 sybmigrate does not preserve indexes in the indexid order.
732728 The unreserved space stored in the table sysusages can become a huge number bigger than the fragment itself if the number of allocated pages indicated in the OAM pages for some objects becomes corrupted and show pages allocated than are not.
732777 While #table (temporary table) is being dropped, sometimes an error 4720 is raised. Error:4270 = > "Cannot truncate table '%.*s' because there are one or more isolation level 0 scans, or REORG command, active on the table." The #table here is found to have a dlevel0cnt = 12.
732995 Sometimes Procedure Cache ELC (Engine Local Cache) for some of the engines does not get configured during engine boot, which leads to Procedure cache ELC not getting used on the engine and thus leads to contention on the rproccache_spin spinlock. This issue can be detected using the ASE errorlog. If an engine is brought online but does not have the following message for that engine then it means the Procedure Cache ELC is not properly configured for that engine. The message is "Proc header memory allocated ... pages for engine < engine_id > local cache"
733051 If the number of system roles of target server is more than source server's, after running symigrate -m migrate, sybmigrate will drop from sysusers those roles that are 'new' in the target server. This issue can specially be seen when users are migrating from ASE 12.5.4 to ASE 15.7.x
733146 In rare cases, when creating an index on a PAGE compressed table, the message 'Invalid column length' may be printed in the ASE errorlog to indicate there are issues in the index creation.
733604 Add the ability to suppress warning message regarding the ignoring of hints under the presence of abstract plans. This is enabled under Trace Flag 15381.
733907 The error 822 "Could not start I/O for request.." followed by a stack trace that includes the module altdb_shrinklog() could be raised in a Cluster Edition server if a fragment of the database log is shurnk using the command ALTER DATABASE LOG OFF and the device where this fragment was is dropped.
734214 Command line trace flag 16964 is added to turn off the row constructor optimization for range predicates. This optimization may cause an underestimate of the limiting selectivity of an index scan when a range predicate exists on an indexed column followed by limiting predicates on subsequent columns. For example, if an index I(a,b,c) has predicates a > 5 and b=10 and c > 20 then the range predicate on “a” is followed by minor attributes “b” and “c” which also have limiting predicates... then the scan selectivity on the index "I" may be underestimated.
734660 The error "Page Verification Error: Page mismatch. Page < page # > contains 0 in page header." could be incorrectly printed in the backup server errorlog when executing DUMP DATABASE WITH VERIFY. This error is spurious and can be ignored.
734702 For objects with no storage, error 691 may be encountered while running a CREATE INDEX command if either a dump is in progress or an incremental dump is in progress.
734716 At times the Systabstats empty page count column may get values near to 2^32 (~4294967295) if inserts into a table roll back.
735431 The error "Table Corrupt: The row number and offset of each row in the page should have a matching entry in row number table ..." will be incorrectly reported in the backup server error log on pages with deleted rows that belong to an All Pages Locked scheme table when executing DUMP/LOAD WITH VERIFY.



  • AIX 64bit
  • HP-UX on IA64 64bit
  • Linux on Power 64bit
  • Linux on x86 64 64bit
  • Solaris on Sparc 64bit
  • Solaris on x86 64 64bit
  • Windows on x64 64bit


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 ; SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 Cluster Edition


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