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2080013 - How to Manage Families & Roles and Competency Mappings - SuccessFactors Employee Central


  • Managing Families & Roles & Competency Mappings when Employee Central 2.0 is turned on
  • Managing Families & Roles is a little different when Employee Central 2.0 is enabled, compared to a system where Employee Central is not enabled


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  • Job Codes are no longer assigned manually via the User Data File > jobCode column. Instead, the Job Codes are passed from Employee Central via the HRIS Sync feature, to the User Data File (you can extract this file from the system via Admin Tools > Employee Export).
  • The Job Classification value (in the format "Name (Code)") gets synchronized to the User Data File > jobCode column via the HRIS Sync job, because the rest of the system (such as the PM/GM modules) still use data from the User Data File to perform actions such as link Competencies to Job Codes, or build employee hierarchy (EM, EH, EX, etc).
  • Job Classifications Foundation Objects are managed via Admin Tools > Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures.
  • When creating Family, Role and Competency Mappings via UI or Import, in the past you could assign Job Codes to Roles on initial import or manually key the codes into the Role via UI. This was because the system did not retain a list of valid Job Codes, so the system would accept whatever code you entered into the import file.
  • When EC is enabled, you can ONLY use the Job Codes that are assigned to the Job Classification, and the system will only allow you to add a Job Code against a Role once the Role has been created (previous you could import it all in 1 import file). 


  1. Via Import, you will need to first import the Family and Role mappings, do not include Competencies on the first import file as the system will want the Family and Role to exist first. EC Job Classification > Job Codes can also be associated to Roles at this point, and the system will map the EC Job Classification > Job Code to the Role (a list of valid Job Codes can be found in Admin Tools > Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures > Job Classification, or by going to an existing Family > Role and reviewing the list of available Job Codes when trying to assign a Job Code manually).
  2. Once the Family and Role > Job Code association has been created, you can then import the file again including the Competency Mappings.


  1. Note that you are no longer able to add a Job Code to a Role by manually typing the code into the UI. You must instead choose the Job Code from a drop down menu. This drop down menu references the Job Classification Foundation Object. (Note, the system lists them in Job Code order, not Job Classification name order). This is great, as in the past, if an incorrect Job Code was entered in this field, other issues could arise such as the Employee does not get the intended Competencies mapped to their PM form.


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