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  • Localizing Performance and 360 review forms


  • Performance Management



If you're managing a global company, you now have an easier way to create review forms in different languages based on a single template. With these specially prepared templates, you'll be able to specify exactly which term to use for every field in every section on the form, including instructional text, for each language you're using. This means that you can easily provide more relevant labels or country-specific instructions for each language rather than rely on a straight translation from a primary template.

  • Form templates need to be configured with msgKeys, more info..
  • Does not work with forms using behaviors at this time


Once your localize capable template is created, maintenance is even easier. You'll be able to easily update the text in any section for each language directly from Admin Tools, at any time by yourself and without waiting on SuccessFactors to do the changes for you. This lets you update your form templates on the fly and on your schedule. And add localized rating scales and route maps too!

To complement these localize capable form templates, you now also have the option to apply localized rating scales. This, along with the existing ability to apply localized route maps, gives you the flexibility to produce very targeted reviews for your entire global company.

Note: Currently as of B1402 build forms launched using message keys cannot be updated using our live form config tool! It is very important therefore when using msgkeys that you perform thorough testing before launching to end users, understanding that if there are errors in your configuration, these cannot be fixed and will require that you delete and relaunch new forms, or use the forms with the misconfig.


How can you get fully localized forms?

To use the new fully localize capable Performance Review and 360 Review form templates, contact SuccessFactors Professional Services. SuccessFactors will help you set up the form templates and load them in your system. Once they are loaded, you'll then be able to manage them through Admin Tools > Form Template Administration.


Now available via Admin Tools as of B1402

  • Support for Localization of Fields within a PM v12 Form (specifically one form with many languages
  • Go to Admin Tools > Manage Templates > Select your template > Edit Fields and Sections > Add More > Localize PM Template Label
  • Available for PMv12 only using Advanced Config options.


What is Not Supported

  • These fully localize capable form templates only support reviews using competencies. If your review includes a behaviors assessment, you're currently not eligible to use these new templates.
  • Contact SuccessFactors Customer Success if you have questions or would like more details.
  • Please note that for PM v11 templates this feature requires a SuccessFactors Professional Services engagement. (PLT-11397)


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