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2073597 - Site Catalog Availability for External Users - LMS


This KB article will explain how to make a catalog available for external users.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System
  • Sites
  • External Users
  • Catalog


  • This functionality already exists in LMS and is called "Sites".
  • More than one site may be active at the same time.

To create a new site:

  1. System Admin > Application Admin > Sites, click Add New
  2. Then give the site a Site ID, Domain ID, Active Locale and a Time Zone
  3. After the site is created, you can access it by navigating to the Site's URL.

To assign a catalog to a site:

  1. Go to Learning administration and then go to  System Admin >  Application Admin > Sites.
  2. Search for and open the site that you want to create the catalog assignment for.
  3. In the Summary, look at the values of Default Domain ID and Default Organization ID. Those are the two attributes that you may use to flag users who should see a catalog.
  4. Create an assignment profile that captures the users of the site (Use the site's domain and/or organization).
  5. The key attribute is often users' domain as most companies keep the site users in their own domain, and it is the same domain as the default domain in System Admin > Application Admin > Sites
    1. Go to Users > Users > Assignment Profiles  and then click Add New.
    2. Click Manage Rules.
    3. Click Add Domains, type the domain found from the sites in Keyword > click Search.
    4. Select the domain from the site and then click Add.
    5. In Set up Rules, type Find Users by Default Domain in Untitled Rule 1.
    6. In Select Attribute, select Domain ID.
      • Domain is the most common attribute to group site users by because a default domain is required.
      • The second most common attribute is organization because sites also allow you to select a default organization.
      • If you want to use organization as your grouping attribute, select Organization ID.
      • you cannot select User ID as an attribute for this activity
      • Note: If you set the Site's Default Organization ID, you must include the same in the Assignment Profile rules.
    1. In the operator list, select Matches.
    2. In the value box, type the domain from the sites list.
    3. If you are using organization, type the ID of the organization.
    4. Click Save and then close the rules window.
    5. In the Catalogs tab, add the catalog you want the users (the users of the site) to access.
    6. Propagate the assignment profile (in the ACTION menu).

User experience:

  • users and guests can browse the catalog without having to authenticate.



  • Prior to 1705, users could only purchase courses if they already had an account and were logged in.
  • After 1705, if they would like to purchase any trainings from the catalog tab, they will be redirected to the log in page to sign in or create an account if enabled.
  • After they sign in, they are taken to the checkout page:


Note: It is not possible to remove the Catalog tab from the login page as the catalog is linked to the "site".

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