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2068681 - Participants - Cannot remove a participant from enroute 360 - 360 Multi Rater


  • When I click the delete button the person is not deleted, why?
  • Can we delete participants from the enroute folder?
  • Remove selected raters not working.


  • 360 Multi Rater


  • You cannot delete participants from a 360 form, if you are accessing the 360 form via an enroute folder. Remove Selected Raters.
  • Scenario: A form is launched and let's say the manager is going to manage the process. The manager is also one of the participants and therefore also has feedback to complete.
  • Recommended Use: The manager in this case should hold onto their form and be the last person to send to completion, only once they are sure all other participants have finished and there are no other people to add or remove to/from the form.
  • If the manager sent their form to completion, they would see an enroute copy. In this copy they may see buttons on the form, including the Remove Selected Raters button.
  • You cannot update or change a form or status from the ""copy"" of a form enroute, this is true not only for 360 forms, but forms in general within the application, such as Performance and Compensation forms. Enroute indicates the form is NOT with you but with others. If the manager tried to delete participants enroute, it would not work. If you have the recall feature enabled the manager would need to recall their from to get it our of enroute and back into in-progress so that their form is live again. Then from the inbox, the manager will be able to remove participants from the 360.


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