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2058952 - How do you resolve SAP Lumira Desktop start-up error "Invalid Configuration Location" on a VMware image?


  • SAP Lumira Desktop installed on a VMware image.
  • On start-up, Lumira Desktop displays error dialog box "Invalid Configuration Location" with text:

    The configuration area at '\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\.sapvi\configuration' could not be created.  Please choose a writable location using the '-configuration' command line option.


  • SAP Lumira Desktop
  • Installed on VMware MS Windows image


  • By default, SAP Lumira Desktop saves user configuration information to "@user.home\.sapvi\configuration" folder where @user.home is a Java Runtime Environment system property.
  • The @user.home property by default points to the Windows environment variable %USERPROFILE%, the Windows User Profile folder.
  • On some VMware images, the VMware configures %USERPROFILE% to reference the default VMware share folder "\\vmware-host\Shared Folders"
  • Unless the VMware has been configured to have the share folder point to a writable directory on the hosting Operating System, the share folder will not exist or will point to a host OS folder that is not writable.



Configure SAP Lumira Desktop to point @user.home to a folder where the user has write permission, as follows:

  1. Open the SAPLumira.ini file in a text editor.  The default location of this file is:  C:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop\SAPLumira.ini
  2. Add the entry:

    -Duser.home=<folder location>

    where <folder.location> points to a folder where the user has write permission above all other "-D" options found in the file.

For example, I create a new folder C:\MyLumiraFolder and modify my SAP Lumira Desktop configuration file to be:



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