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2034715 - Dunning Run Creates Dunning Proposals For Customers With Dunning Block


You have set a dunning block for a customer XYZ by setting a dunning block reason and a dunning block expiry date.
After the dunning run is executed you notice that it triggered the creation of dunning proposals for this customer XYZ.
Your expectation is that there will be no dunning proposals created for customers with dunning block.

Reproducing the Issue

To set the dunning block

  1. In the Receivables workcenter navigate to the Customers view and there to the Customers subview.
  2. Find customer XYZ and press Edit - Financial Data.
  3. In the Payment Data subtab under Companies set a Dunning Block Reason as well as a Dunning Block Expiry Date for all companies for which the customer's dunning block is valid.

 To execute and verify the dunning run

  1. In the Receivables workcenter go to Periodic Tasks - Dunning Runs.
  2. Press New-Dunning Run, maintain all mandatory data and the customer ID.
  3. Then press Activate and after press Schedule.
  4. Select Start Immediately and press Save and Close.
  5. Back in the Dunning Run view refresh the screen until the run appears as well as the application log on the bottom of the screen.
  6. Click on the Application Log ID to open it.
  7. Here you notice that for your customer XYZ dunnings have been created.
  8. The dunning proposals are maintained in the Dunning view of the Receivables workcenter.


The dunning block functionality still allows the dunning run to create dunning proposals with Dunning Release Status set to Business Partner Blocked. This way the  Execute Dunning button is greyed out for these dunning proposals.

It is, however, possible to unblock dunning proposals and to then execute the dunning if needed for certain cases.


If you want to have no dunning proposal, even with blocked execution status, you can create and assign a specific dunning strategy with a payment deadline that is high enough (i.e. 999 days) to not have the dunning run consider open items of customers with dunning block:

 Create the Dunning Strategy

  1. In the Business Configuration workcenter navigate to the Implementation Projects view, select the current project and open the Activity List.
  2. Go to the Fine-Tune phase, search for the Dunning Strategies activity and open it.
  3. In the new screen open the Edit Dunning Strategies link.
  4. Click Add Row and maintain a dunning strategy ID as well as a description.
  5. In the General tab enter the dunning currency, the exchange rate and the rate that the calculation is based on.
  6. In the Assigned Business Transactions to Be Dunned tab maintain relevant business transactions, i.e. Invoice.
  7. In the Details section underneath enter a payment deadline that is high enough to not have the dunning run create dunning proposals, i.e. 999 days.
  8. Press Save and Close.

Assign the Dunning Strategy to the Customer

  1. Back in the Dunning Strategies activity select the Assign Dunning Strategy to Company/Customer/Supplier link.
  2. In the Customer/Supplier column click on the asterix (*) and maintain your customer XYZ in the Enter Value field.
  3. Press OK.
  4. In the Dunning Strategy column select your new dunning strategy.
  5. Now select the row of this new rule and move it above all the rules for companies that customer XYZ is assigned to by pressing on the arrow pointing upwards.

This way the dunning run will find the new rule before the general rule for the assigned companies in order to not have dunning proposals created for customer XYZ.


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