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2034014 - Project Task Not Assigned to the Correct Sales Order Item in Expense Assignment Posting


You have assigned a specific sales order item XYZ to a project task.
For this project task you create a supplier invoice which is being cleared with a payment.
The system created a clearing posting. Here the project task is assigned correctly to the sales order item XYZ.
After the clearing posting the expense assignment is being changed where the project task is assigned to a different sales order item ABC even though this sales order item is not connected at all to either the supplier invoice item or the project task.

Reproducing the Issue

Verify the sales order item assignment in the project:

  1. In the Project Management workcenter navigate to the Projects view.
  2. Select the respective project and click on the project id to open the project.
  3. Click View All and navigate to the Sales Tracking tab.
  4. Find the project task and verify that it is assigned to sales order item XYZ.

Verify the project task assignment in the supplier invoice:

  1. In the Supplier Invoicing workcenter navigate to the Invoices and Credit Memos view
  2. Find the respective supplier invoice and click on its document id to open it and then press View All.
  3. In the Items tab select the respective item and navigate to the Cost Distribution tab.
  4. Here, under Account Assignment you verify that the invoice item is assigned to the correct project task as well as your sales order item XYZ.

 Check the clearing, for instance via the document flow (You could also find the clearing the supplier account monitor in the Payables workcenter):

  1. In the supplier invoice navigate to the Document Flow tab.
  2. Find the Clearing and click on the little Journal Entry button to open the journal entry.
  3. Here you verify that all expenses are posted and assigned correctly.

Verify all the expense assignments of your project task to sales order items, for instance in the Projects- Line Items report:

  1. In the Project Management workcenter navigate to the Reports-List view
  2. Open the Projects-Line Items report
  3. Maintain all mandatory characteristics as well as the project in question
  4. Add the characteristics Sales Document Items and Project Task to the rows.
  5. Now you notice another Expense Assignment to Sales Document transaction and here the supplier invoice item and project task are assigned to a different sales order item ABC.  


In scoping the default assignment rule for project-based sales order is activated. This way all time and expense items are assigned to a sales order item, even when there is no match with the existing rule.
In the case of expense assignment resulting from a supplier invoice posting the suitable sales order item is evaluated by trying to match

  • the source
  • the employee
  • the product category

If none of these specifications are found in the respective assignment rule then the system assigns the first project based sales order item by default.


You can ether descope the default assignment rule or you create a manual assignment rule so that the correct sales order item is selected:

Descope the default assignment rule:

  1. In the Business Configuration workcenter go to the Implementation Projects view and select the current project.
  2. Press Edit Project Scope.
  3. Continue to step 4 Questions.
  4. Under scoping element Sales select Customer Invoicing and here select Project Invoicing.
  5. Find the question Do you want to use default assignment rules for the first project based sales order item as a fallback? and untick the box in the In Scope Column.
  6. Review and then finish the project scope.

Now the solution will not create a default assignment rule and unassigned project tasks need to be assigned manually:

  1. In the Project Management workcenter go the Invoice Preparation: Not Invoiced Time and Expenses view.
  2. Find the respective project and press Edit Time and Expense.
  3. Here you can assign sales order items to unassigned project tasks. Assignments can also be changed here.

Create a manual assignment rule:

  1. In the Project Management workcenter go the Invoice Preparation: Not Invoiced Time and Expenses view.
  2. Find the respective project and press Edit Time and Expense.
  3. Now click on Edit Assignment Rules and select View All Rules.
  4. In this task you can see all the rules the solution automatically creates according to the settings you made for the project tasks.
  5. You will also find an automatic rule here where only the first project based sales order item is provided. For all other entries an asterix (*) is maintained. This is the default assignment rule.
  6. Press Add Row.
  7. Maintain the respective project task in the General Parameters.
  8. In the Time and Expense Parameter select Product Category and maintain the relevant product category.
  9. You can also enter a source in the General Parameters and/or an employee in the Party Parameters.
  10. Now assign the respective sales order item under Assignment.
  11. At last, and most importantly move your new rule above the default assignment rule by clicking on the Move Up button. Only this way the manual rule will be identified before the default assignment rule.
  12. Press Close.
  13. Back in the Edit Time and Expenses screen press Save.


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