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1981400 - Doc.Itm XX/YY: AccrualMeth. Assignment For Fixed Price Project Incomplete


You have run the Revenue Recognition for the Sales Order in question and you see the run got generated with errors.

Doc.Itm XX/YY: AccrualMeth. Assignment For Fixed Price Project Incomplete.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Cost and Revenue work center.
  2. Go to the Periodic Tasks view.
  3. Click on the Revenue Recognition subview.
  4. Select the Revenue Recognition XYZ. (XYZ represents the ID of the Revenue Recognition).
  5. Select the sub tab Processed with Errors.


Rule : When ever you assign the Accrual Method 108 - Recognize using cost-to-cost project POC  to a Sales Order of any Customer Project then all associated Sales Orders belonging to this particular Project can only have the same Accrual Method assigned in order to system pick them in the Revenue Recognition runs.


For Sales Order 1 the Accrual Method 108 - Cost-to-Cost project POC is assigned and linked to Customer Project ABC.

Sales Order 2 is also linked to above Project and cannot have a different Accrual Method, for instance 207 - Recognize based on manual amounts or any other.



The system is working as designed and all the Sales Orders associated to the Project should be having same Accrual Method. This applies only in case of Accrual Method 108 -  Cost-to-Cost Project POC, so that below formula works. Otherwise, the system will not be able to perform the Revenue Recognition.

All fixed-price Sales Order items that are in the same Project are bundled into a single item for the purposes of Revenue Recognition.

In order to be bundled into a single item, the Sales Order items must point to the same company, segment, profit center, and customer.

  • POC is calculated by dividing the total Actual Cost for the bundled Sales Order items by the estimated cost of the Project as a whole.

    Calculated POC = Total Actual Cost of Bundled Sales Order Items ÷ Total Estimated Project Cost



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