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1979627 - Employees are Missing in Personnel Administration work center



You have observed that some of the Employees are missing in Personnel Administration work center, even though the same Employees are available in Business Partner Data work center (Business Partner view)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Personnel Administration work center
  2. Select Employees view


  1. Go to Business Partner Data work center.
  2. Select Business Partner view


The cause for the issue is that you have scoped HCM module into your system after adding those Employees in Business Partner Data work center.


The actual system behavior is as follows,

If your system is not scoped for HCM module, the only way to add the Employees into your system is through Employees view of Business Partner Data work center. This type of system is called Lean HCM scoped system. These Employees will have just basic data and no work agreement related details.

When you scope HCM module, then the Personnel Administration work center will be enabled. But since the old employees have only basic employee data, those Employees will not be visible in the Personnel Administration work center. 

To overcome this issue, you should add the HCM related data (work agreement, employment, etc.) for those Employees. This can be done as follows:

1. Go to Business Configuration work center.

2. Go to Implementation Projects view.

3. Click on the Implementation Project

3. Select tab Integrate and Extend.

4. Search for valid activity Migration of Employee Data - xx (xx stands for country)

5. Open this activity and you can use two functionalities for adding HCM data to an existing Employee:

a) Migrate Personnel Administration data using the migration tool (excel driven mass functionality) or

b) Manually create Personnel File using basic employee data (Screen driven for one Employee)

Once, you complete the migration of personnel administration data of those Employees will be visisble in the Personnel Administration work center. Then you can able to create Leave Request, Record Time and so on for those Employees.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this standard functionality from SAP ByD?

Yes, because when you maintain an Employee in Business Partner Data work center, you are maintaining only the basic information of the Employee but when HCM is scoped Personnel Administration of those Employees are required to perform activities like leave request, Time recording, payroll data and so on.

  •  Are you saying that basically because we didn't have Human Resources in scope for Phase I of the implementation, we are now faced with having to upload all the employee data again in Phase II?

If you scoped HCM in the phase 1, then the migration of Employees are of two steps:

1) Migration of Basic Employee and

2) Migration of personnel administration data.

Since, HCM is scoped in phase 2, you need to perform the second step directly since the basic data is already available. But, make use of personnel administration migration template to fulfill all data required for those employees.


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