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1942412 - No Invoices Shown in Dunning Letter for Dunning Level XYZ


When previewing a dunning proposal, you notice that no receivable items are displayed in the dunning document for dunning strategy ABC and dunning level XYZ, but merely a request for payment of due items.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Enter the Receivables work center.
  2. Access the Dunning view.
  3. Select the relevant Dunning Proposal.
  4. Click on Preview and choose Dunning Letter.

In the resulting preview,  no grid containing overdue invoices is displayed.



The root cause is the conflicting definitions for legal effectiveness of dunning documents for dunning strategy ABC and the applied Form Template Selection. Consequently,instead of the dunning letter containing to-be-dunned items, the template for the reminder letter is drawn. By definition this template does not contain a list of receivable items to be dunned.


Check your definitions concerning the legal effectiveness of dunning steps.

  1. Enter the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Open the activity Dunning Strategies and choose Edit dunning strategies.
  3. Select the relevant Dunning Strategy ABC.
  4. Choose the tab Assigned Business Transactions to Be Dunned.
  5. The column Legally Effective for the relevant Dunning Step and assigned Dunning Level XYZ is checked.

Compare with the settings made for Form Template Selection.

  1. Enter the Application and User Management work center.
  2. Access Form Template Selection in the Input and Output Management view.
  3. In the choose from list Show Rules For, select Dunning Letter.
  4. Observe the definitions and sequence for rules relating to Max Dunning Level XYZ and Dunning Strategy ABC.
  5. Here the Form Template Reminder Letter is maintained before applicable definitions for the Form Template Dunning Letter for Dunning Level XYZ and Dunning Strategy ABC.

Adapt the configuration for Dunning Strategies and the corresponding Form Template Selection in order to effect a consistent printing of dunning letters. Replacing the rule for Reminder Letter with a rule for Dunning Letter would be a viable solution in this scenario.


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