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1939993 - Goods and Services Receipt Approval Task Going to Incorrect Approver


The Goods and Services Receipt approval task is not going to the expected approver.

Reproducing the Issue

Customer creates a GSR and posts it. As per the approval process, an approval task is created. The task is not assigned to the expected approver.

It is either assigned to the responsible for the cost object or the manager of the person who created the GSR.


The customer expectations are wrong due to the misleading phrasing of the default work distribution rule in the GSR approval process which refers to the manager of the invoicing unit assigned to the Goods and Services Receipt when in fact the work distribution at work is the cost assignment logic. (Note this phrasing will be corrected in an upcoming software correction)

  • In this case, the approval task is assigned to the responsible for the cost object.

The currently supported cost assignments types are : Cost Centre, Project, Sales and Service order.

Note that some account assignments types like Customer Contract are not currently supported, triggering a fallback behaviour.

  •  In this case, the approval task is assigned to the manager of the user who created the Goods Receipt.


As it stands, the approval process for GSR offers two work distribution options which determine the assignment of the task.

  • Approval by cost assignment : this is the default. The task is assigned to the responsible user for the cost object.
  • Approval by Direct Approver : a named approver is selected who will receive the tasks

If the default cost assignment logic and corresponding fallback behaviour do not fulfill the customers' needs, they can select the Direct Approver work distribution and name a particular approver instead.


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