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1880646 - How to Create a New Org Unit in Between two Hierarchical Levels in an Org Structure


Requirement: The customer wants to create a new Org Unit in between two levels in an existing Org Structure.


To understand the requirement better, consider the following scenario:

In an existing Org Structure, Org Unit A has units B and C immediately under it. The requirement is to have a new Org Unit, say D, such that D falls under A and in turn B and C fall under D.

The approach to address the requirement will be to temporarily move the sub org units and C to a position under another org unit. Then, create the unit D under A. Subsequently the two shifted org units can be bought below the new org unit, D.

The steps to achieve the scenario will be as follows:

  1. Go to the Organizational Management work center.
  2. Select Common Task: Edit Org Structures.
  3. Select the date in the Effective From field from which date the changes are to be active in the system.
  4. Select the relevant Org Unit that needs to be moved, in this case B.
  5. Select the small arrow (bottom-right) of the selected Org Unit to open its menu, select Edit Org Unit option, and select Cut.
  6. Highlight the target root Org Unit[tentative], where the Org unit can be placed.
  7. Select the arrow in the target Org Unit to open its menu, select Edit Org Unit option, and select Paste. The Org Unit moves to the target Org Unit. [Repeat steps 5 thru 7 for Org Unit C as well]
  8. Now, select the root org unit, A and Select the New button.
  9. From the drop down list, select Org Unit.
  10. Enter the new Org unit ID as D.
  11. Now, repeat the steps 5 through 7, in a reverse fashion to bring back the two shifted org units under the newly created one.
  12. Select the org unit A.
  13. Use the Check button to validate the Org Structure.
  14. Select Activate button to activate the changes.

Note: If the Check for Inconsistencies in the org structures is to throw any vetoerror, please note that you can look for existing solutions or workarounds Case Document yourself.  To do so:

  1. Select the Solution Search button from any Incident window. The Solution Search window opens.
  2. Enter key terms from the error messages and select Go.
  3. Check the displayed results and refine your search if necessary

 If no relevant case documents are found, kindly create a new incident from the same screen where the error occurs, so that Support can investigate into it's cause.


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