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1820454 - Posting date 00.00.0000 must be after last retrmt date MM-DD-YYYY


You have created a fixed asset with a supplier invoice with posting date MM.DD.YYYY
You then transferred the individual material of this fixed asset with a posting date after the posting date of the supplier invoice date.
Now you want to cancel the supplier invoice but this posting does not go through to accounting as an error message appears: Posting date 00.00.0000 must be after last retrmt date MM-DD-YYYY


Reproducing the Issue

Find the Error Message in the General Ledger workcenter

  1. In the General Ledger workcenter navigate to the Closing cockpit and there to the Source documents view. By default all unposted source documents are displayed here.
  2. Find the supplier invoice that did not get posted.
  3. In the bottom of the page you can see the error message: Posting date 00.00.0000 must be after last retrmt date MM-DD-YYYY (set of books ABC) (rtrmt stands for retirement)

Identify the Fixed Asset

  1. To identify the fixed asset press on the ID of the cancelation invoice in the Source Documents view
  2. Press View all, navigate to the Items tab and there go to the Cost Distribution sub-tab
  3. Copy the ID of the Individual Material
  4. Now navigate to the Fixed Assets workcenter and here to the Fixed Assets view.
  5. In the Show field choose All Fixed Assets
  6. Open the Advanced search and maintain the individual material ID that you have just copied in the Individual Material ID field. Press Go.
  7. Two Fixed Assets appear - One with status Capitalized and one with status Retired.

Identify the posting date of the original supplier invoice and the  transfer posting

  1. Open the retired Fixed asset by pressing Edit - Values and there navigate to the Journal subtab.
  2. The first entry on the bottom is the posting of the original supplier invoice.
  3. In the Posting date column you can identify its posting date.
  4. Further up you can see a Journal Entry Voucher with the transaction category Transfer-Sending (Transaction Category column).
  5. In the Posting Date column you can see that the posting date of this transfer is after the posting date of the original supplier invoice (Once an individual material has been completely transferred to another fixed asset the status of the original fixed asset status changes to Retired).


As the transfer of the individual material was posted after the posting date of the original supplier invoice, which caused the retirement of the fixed asset, it is not possible to post its cancelation before this retirement date.


You can either
A) post the cancelation invoice to a date after the retirement date or
B) you can cancel the transfer posting and then post the cancelation invoice. This is the most practical and clean option.

Option A)

  1. In the General Ledger workcenter navigate to the Closing cockpit and there to the source documents view.
  2. Select the respective supplier invoice cancelation and choose Action- View Business Transaction
  3. Press Post to another period and maintain an Alternate Posting date on or after the posting date of the transfer posting.
  4. Press OK and Post.

Option B)

  1. In the Fixed Assets workcenter navigate to the Fixed Assets view and select the retired fixed asset
  2. Press Edit-Values and navigate to the Journal sub tab.
  3. Click on the Source Document ID of the transfer posting to open the journal entry voucher
  4. Press Edit and then press Reverse
  5. Now navigate back to the Source documents view of the General Ledger workcenter, select the supplier invoice cancelation and press Actions- Post Business Transaction.
  6. The  cancelation should now go through to accounting 


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