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1795009 - Cancel Supplier Invoice - Fixed Asset: Acquisition Cost Negative


You create a fixed asset from a supplier invoice. The supplier invoice is being paid but later you realize that you need to cancel the fixed asset.

The posting of the cancellation invoice does not go through. A BTM task has been genereated and the cancellation invoice appears as unposted source document in the General Ledger workcenter.

The posting is not possible due to the error message Asset XX val.view Y: Acquisition cost negative.

Reproducing the Issue

In the General Ledger navigate to the Closing Cockpit and there to the Source Documents.

The cancellation invoice appears with status In Process.

An error message is displayed: Asset XX val.view Y: Acquisition cost negative


The payment to clear the supplier invoice is less than the amount of the supplier invoice because in the clearing there is a cash discount maintained.

In the Fixed Asset Values Tab navigate to the Journal tab and there look under Source Doc. Type: Payment. Click on the payment ID and check if the payment amount is less then the invoice amount and if for the invoice a cash discount has been maintained. If yes, then the system therefore reduced the value of the fixed asset.

In the Journal of the values tab of the fixed asset check for the amount of the supplier invoice under Source Doc. Type: Supplier Invoice and then compare it with the acqusition cost under Planned Values in the General tab . It will be less then the amount in the values tab.

When you try to cancel the supplier invoice the original amount of the supplier invoice is to be cancelled but as the amount has been reduced this would result in a negative acquisition cost amount. That's why the error message appears.


You need to cancel the payment clearing so that the amount of the original supplier invoice and it's cancellation invoice is the same again:

Navigate to the Payables workcenter and here to the Suppliers - Supplier Accounts view.

Select the respective supplier and choose View.

In the Trade/Payables Tab show All Items.

Press on the cleaing ID that cleared the supplier invoice and it's payment.

Choose View All and then press Reset Clearing

Save your changes.

Now navigate to the Source Documents View of the General Ledger.

Mark the cancellation invoice and choose Actions - Post Business Transaction.


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