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1748155 - Assign Multiple Tax Payments to One Tax Return


You want to assign multiple tax payments to one tax return.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Tax Management work center.
  2. Go to Periodic Tasks view.
  3. Go to Sales and Use Tax Returns Runs view.
  4. Perform the action New Tax Return Run to create a new tax return.
  5. This will create a new Tax return ABC.
  6. Go to Payment Management work center.
  7. Go to Common Tasks view and perform the action New Outgoing Check/New Outgoing Bank Transfer.
  8. Input the Payee field as Tax Authority XYZ.
  9. Post this payment and this will create a new Tax payment.
  10. Go to Tax Management work center.
  11. Go to Tax Payments view.
  12. Here you will see the newly created Tax Payment for the Tax Authority XYZ.

You are now creating multiple tax payments and then want to assign these to one Tax return ABC.


Bydesign system is not supporting partial Tax payment clearing. This means you won't be able to assign multiple tax payments to one sales and use tax return.

To correct the existing data you have to reverse the outgoing checks and create a single check and assign the tax return to the tax payment created.

  1. Go to Payment Management work center
  2. Go to Payment Monitor view.
  3. Select the outgoing checks and perform the action Action on Checks Set to Not Transferred.
  4. The status of the check will move to Ready to Transfer.
  5. Perform the action Reverse which will cancel this check and the Tax Payment created will be moved to Release discarded.

You have to do this for all the outgoing checks/bank transfers which you already created. You can later create a single outgoing check/ Bank transfer with the same amount.
If there is a difference then you have to accept that and later post the tax payment by assigning the tax returns. The tax returns status will change from Reported to Completed.


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