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1619973 - Bank Statement Postprocessing Status


Significance of Postprocessing status in a Bank Statement.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Liquidity Management work center.
  2. Go to Bank Statements.
  3. From the Show list select All Bank Statements.
  4. Select/highlight any Statement ID and you can observe that at any given point of time a bank statement would have either of the Postprocessing status i. e. In Process, Required, Not Required, Not Relevant.


System shows whether postprocessing is required in the bank statements overview. Postprocessing status could be influenced by user depending on the requirement.


If an item in a bank statement requires postprocessing, for example, payment allocation or clearing, the user can navigate directly to the item or to an overview of the bank statement if more than one item requires postprocessing. The overview also shows if the payment allocation or clearing process is in progress.

Postprocessing statuses:

  1. In Process: when the Postprocessing status is In Process it means that the ByDesign system is trying to post process the bank statement automatically in the background. The status In Process could take some time to change to Required only if a post processing is required or else the status would come to Not Required. The status In Process could take few minutes to change to other status depending on the number of items in the bank statement.  The user could also influence the status In Process by navigating the corresponding allocations and release them and then after the status will change to Not Required. If the status In Process does not change automatically for more than an hour, the user can report an Incident.
  2. Required: this status implies that a Postprocessing is required for example, payment allocation or clearing need to be done.
  3. Not Required: when the Postprocessing status is Not Required it means that the required payment allocation or clearing had happened. No further action need to take on the statement.
  4. Not Relevant: when the you have the Prostprocessing status as Not Relevant you can observe that the bank statement Status is either Canceled or In Preparation. For Canceled statement no Postprocessing required. If the statement is In Preparation then the Consistency Status would be Inconsistent, so the statement does require a Postprocessing.



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