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1478004 - Cannot Select Organizational Unit in Project Team and Staffing Tab


You want to assign an Organizational Unit to a project so that all the employees in this particular Organizational Unit can be allocated as project team member and record time on the respective project. But in Project Management work center you may not be able to find the desired Organizational Unit under project Team and Staffing tab.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Goto work center Project Management.
  2. Select view Projects.
  3. Select a project and select Edit button.
  4. Select tab Team and Staffing.
  5. Under Section Organizational Units, select F4 value help.
  6. You may not find the required Organizational Unit.


Currently projects support only Functional Unit but not Organizational Unit as "assigned units". Functional Unit (FU) is any organizational unit which has at least one business function like purchasing or sales assigned. The reason for this is that the original assumption for functional unit was that "people work there". This means that we expect employees are assigned to FU only. People are not assigned to Cost Centers because Cost Centers are legal entities, in the same way like Companies or Sites - of course people work on a site, but the Organizational Management Site is meant as the legal site and not the workplace.

So the organizational unit without business function 'purchasing' or 'sales' assigned cannot be selected in project Team and Staffing.


Unfortunately it turns out that the original assumption "people work in functional units only and never in organizational units with legal characteristics" is not met in reality. What we didn't consider is that we

  • Do not provide all necessary business functions, so that in certain circumstances it is simply not possible to use this approach.
  • Even if matching business functions are present in the system it is not mandatory to use them if the customer's use case does not require it for certain reasons (work distribution etc).

As a consequence we will allow to assign any org unit to project Team and Staffing in the upcoming release.


Assign the team members explicitly to the project as per below steps,

1. Go to Project Management workcenter.
2. Select Projects view.
3. Select and edit the project.
4. Go to tab team and staffing
5. Under the section team Members, add the team members explicitly.


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